In the beginning...

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together” Vincent Van Gogh.

I've poured myself a glass of red wine, I'm listening to some classical music and am now ready to begin writing. I've tried and failed in the past to do any blogging, I like the idea of keeping an art diary, but was never sure how interesting it could be. Now I realise the error may just have been not kicking it off with a glass of wine.

In amongst my regular portrait commissions, I have two rather spectacular projects on the go. My intention with this journal is to keep track of the ideas, process photos, personal responses and the overall development of my work.

Firstly, as detailed on the website, I regularly fly over to Praevmedic in Switzerland to meet private clients for the Ethical Health Consultations. Without disclosing any personal client information, I’ll be covering my travels, work at the clinic in Zurich and at my studio back in Cornwall.

Secondly I have been commissioned to paint the ceiling of a small private chapel. It might sound like a religious project, but I’ll be steering away from religion and making it more personal to the client. The ceiling is made up of forty four panels which I’ll be designing and painting in sections. I’m working with the client to come up with an original design inspired by the work and colours of Giorgio Vasari.

A large panel intended for a ceiling.
Jacobs Dream - Vasari

I’ve finished my wine, so I’ll stop there.

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