Portrait Therapy;
The Ethical Health Consultations
Praevmedic Clinic

My work regularly takes me to Switzerland with private healthcare company Praevmedic, where I work with clients to produce confidential portraits as part of a personal recovery program, the Ethical Health Consultations.


Praevmedic are pioneers in health promotion in Switzerland. Praevmedic consists of two competence centres: a centre for preventive and general medicine and an institute for personal and corporate health. The professional services are available to companies, individuals and families. The competencies are based on the management of acute stress, burnout, depression and other crises. 

My role in the consultations is to meet and photograph clients in Switzerland who have reached a relevant and positive point in their therapy. I return to Cornwall with the chosen photograph of the client to turn it into an oil portrait which can be used as an anchor point in ongoing therapy.

"Hannahs private portraits enable people to restore their personal integrity and dignity as an integral part of Ethical Health Consultations which are conducted in Switzerland and the South West of England. Working with Stuart D.G. Robinson and his team of mental-health specialists, Hannah captures in people’s eyes and facial expressions the deeply anchored ‘frames of mind’ In seeing how gripping truths have been impacting on their mental and emotional well-being, people come to terms with them and can find the peace and strength which they have been seeking for a long time"

Stuart D.G. Robinson | BA Hons.

Praevmedic: Crisis Support & Ethical Health