Videocall Portraits

The Videocall series has been a development of the elements that have been keeping my spirits up through lockdown. The people who've influenced my mood, my music choices and my painting. The work embraces both connection and disconnection; the isolated nature of lockdown, performers in restricted circumstances and the direct communication of videochat.


I've been fortunate enough to contact them and, through the power of Whatsapp, conduct a small photoshoot to take screenshots to work from. The friendliness and willingness to be part of my series has been phenomenal and finding a way to combine the elements that lockdown has imposed on us all has been exciting. The paintings are mostly individual, dark and introspective. Isolated but connected to the viewer in a videocall format, the method being of particular relevance as a primary source of communication in 2020. The phone icon at the bottom of the painting is discreet but important, the titles reflecting the place of the call. 10% from the sale of the paintings will be donated to a cause supporting the recovery of live music through the Music Venue Trust