The Cruel & Curious Sea


'The National Trust play host to some of the regions most inspiring creative minds, artists, bohemians and vagabonds at our rangers office in the wilds of the North Cornwall countryside'

'Under the watchful eyes of Roo Shepard, Cai from Hickory Nines, and our National Trust rangers, a team of volunteers gave their time to transform the old farmhouse at Stowe Barton into a magical art exhibition for a couple of evenings...

The artists, all working under the theme of the Cruel and Curious Sea, created some awe-inspiring and diverse work. Thoughts of sea monsters just out of sight in the sea mist, songs of pirates and smugglers, the feel of sea spray on your face. A world away from the candy-floss kiss-me-quick of the traditional seaside image postcard'

The National Trust


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