NHs heroes

I spotted the 'portraits for NHS heroes' initiative in May started by artist Tom Croft on Instagram. Being in a position to offer free portraits as a thank you to the folk staring this situation in the face was one I couldn't let pass me by. Working in quicker, lighter oil sketches seemed quite apt,  focusing on the eyes and keeping the masks as roughly suggested shapes; trying to capture both the depth and the transience of this time. I completed 18 portraits in total.

Each portrait represents a whole team, working long hours and putting themselves in harms way for us. Painting each one is an emotional experience that really makes me thankful for their efforts. For details on the individual people featured and their role in dealing with COVID-19. A huge amount of artists have been documenting this time through portraiture and creating an interesting and valuable record and one I'm pleased to be a part of. 


My work has featured in a cover design and as part of an article in the Artists & Illustrators magazine and also in The Bloomsbury art book which features 350 artists work. Available to order here