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Our medical expertise ranges from general practitioning, inner medicine, psychotherapy

and psychiatry to selected forms of complementary medicine. Our doctors provide general

medical treatment and offer their qualified advice on most types of health issues for the

whole family.


Supporting our clients in maintaining – or regaining – their optimal state of health. We

focus on providing a precise diagnosis of symptoms and causes as early as possible. The

views and values of our clients and patients are central to our work.


Hannah Wheeler’s private portraits enable people to restore their personal integrity and dignity - particularly in times of inner disturbance, nervous exhaustion and depression - as an integral part of Ethical Health Consultations which are conducted in Switzerland and the South West of England. Working with Stuart D.G. Robinson and his team of mental-health specialists, Hannah captures in people’s eyes and facial expressions the deeply anchored ‘frames of mind’ which have been disturbing their inner happiness. It is these frames of the mind, their ‘deep-ethics’, which lie at the source of dissonance within themselves or with others.


As the private consultation develops, Hannah works in parallel, etching out from frame to frame on canvas the person’s private portrait. A deeply-moving documentary film evolves. In seeing how gripping truths have been impacting on their mental and emotional well-being, people come to terms with them and can find the peace and strength which they have been seeking for a long time.


The resulting artwork remains private and confidential.

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