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Heavily influenced by a bohemian upbringing, Hannahs work explores the visual contradictions of her experiences.


Born in the late 70’s, she was brought up in the middle of  a Somerset village. After moving in search of an alternative education, (experiencing Education Otherwise, The Steiner School and The Small School) the family settled in the hidden depths of Devon in 1987; living an off grid, self sufficient lifestyle. Living without electricity and for a time, without running water, Hannah and her family learnt to live a natural and humble life.


Her current series of paintings 'Out Of Time' studies old-fashioned objects in everyday use, shadows cast by candlelight alongside the modern objects of the 1980's and 1990's that crept into the household. The items in the paintings are the ones that were used at the time, giving a sense of the old, sitting comfortably, and the new invading the same space.


Her style is influenced by the delicate light and everyday scenes of Vermeer, the strength and shade of Caravaggio, the soft, clean colours of Malcolm Leipke and the constant drive to explore faces.


She now lives in Bude with her children and runs an open studio close by on the North Cornwall coast.




'The simpler things in life are often the most important, the relevance of relationships and positive human interaction being familiar to us all. Connecting with a face runs deeper than just a pleasing aesthetic; we connect to an expression we empathise with. I enjoy painting straight faces that initially seem serious yet reveal soft complexity in their form, vulnerability and composure in their quiet expression'


In preparation of Cornwall Open Studios 2016, Hannah featured in Cornwall Living magazine and The Western Morning News.

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